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The Mushroom

The tiny mushroom woke up that morning with the warmth of the sun surrounding its shell. It said, "Hello, dear sun." Sun "Good grief! today you are very beautiful little mushrooms," said. The tiny mushroom noticed the water that was cooling its roots, and at that moment it was relieved. It said, "Hello, the Water that gives life to my roots". '' Good Grief! tiny mushroom. You fascinate me with your colors and shape'' said water leaking silently from under the ground. The little mushroom smiled, turned its face to the sun ...

My general purpose in photography is; contemplate to who creators of our existence. One of the most suitable assets for this purpose is the tiny mushrooms, which softly lift their head from the soil after a rain. Hoping that the photos taken by saying ''Good Grief!'' will find a place in your heart and soul ...

Biography: Born in 1976, Ankara. Originally, she is from Trabzon. After completing her education in Ankara, he was appointed as a pre-school teacher to a public school in 2009 and settled in Bursa. She started her photography life with her curiosity to photograph the colors and patterns engineered on the details of nature. The butterfly photographs that she took were used as a training tool in a lecture at Uludağ University. She still participates in various exhibitions and projects with the ''Hayatı Fotoğrafla'' team.