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    Culture and art are integral parts of a vibrant and dynamic society. Besides being a charming city with deeply rooted history, Bursa is the city that cultural values forming identity of a city penetrate into art world inch by inch. In other words, Bursa is a city that enriches social and cultural life via variety of activities and events which constitutes the basics of being a agricultural, touristic and industrial city.

    Bursa International Photography Festival (BursaPhotoFest) that, will be held this year for the seventh time, has become one of the major art events not just in Turkey but also in neighbouring region. Our festival, which is held traditionally now, has become one of the values of Bursa, will host photography enthusiasts from all over the world.

    The journey we began in 2011 with the theme “Encounters” maintained with the important themes such as “Traces of Humanity”, “Colors of Life”, “Living Together”, “Migration” and “Urban Dialogues”. I believe that the Festival with the theme “Bazaars & Shopping” of this year will open new ways to photography lovers.

    As it is well known that Bursa, hosting land in the process of the Ottomans' becoming an Empire, has the first cultural, commercial and architectural exammples of that great civilization and in addition it is the place where bazaar culture is formed. This shopping and bazaar culture as well as the other cultural values has spreaded from here to the World.

    I believe that Bursa will be a source of inspiration for all participants in regard to the rich custom of 'Bazaars & Shopping' and I wish the Festival will be a means of pleasure time for all. 

    Recep ALTEPE
    Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor