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The Dark Beauty / Dream Series

All of the photographs on exhibit are actually the work of a single project. Every new work adds to this project.

When I was impressed by nature and especially my admiration for the sea, these works were criticized at first as dark, sad and even loneliness. But I continued. The best way to express what a photographer sees from his own eyes belongs to him.

My works are exhibited; taken on a wide line from İstanbul / Şile to Sakarya / Karasu coasts. I had to choose the heaviest weather conditions to shoot most of them.

Each work has its own story. It's all my own story. It was not possible for me to giving a name any of my works separately, and to find a single word that I would tell what it meant. On the other hand, I also wanted each audiance to find something from their own world. That's why I don't like giving names.

This project will continue at all times and untitled works will continue under one project.

Biography: Born in 1967, Switzerland. He started his education in Switzerland. After he returned to Turkey, he continued his education at Adapazarı. In 1989, he came to Istanbul to work and tried to improve himself on photography. Over time, he decided to shooting seascapes with black and white - long exposure was the best technique that he could express. He held exhibitions in Musee du Louvre in 2017 and in Iran and Korea in 2018.