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Ala Dagh..The Mecca of Climbers

The Ala Dagh rising between the region of Niğde, Adana and Kayseri and in the middle Taurus Mountains with more than 3500 meter high tops is the most important and visited mountainous district where the most climbing activities were done in the mountaineering history of Turkey. The source of the name Ala Dagh can only be understood at sunset. The cliffs shine at first like gold and change to a ruddy fire piece during the last shining rays of the sun. The calcareous rocks become ruddy. Ala Dagh is the favorite of the climbers and the nature friend as well. Its deep valleys, unique tops, inclined rocks, glacier lakes, waterfalls, natural view call us to it. Ala Dagh has a great richness in terms of its geologic structure, flora and animal variety. Therefore, a big part of Al Dagh has been announced as a National Park in the year of 1995. Stockbreeding, agriculture and tourism are done in the region in few. Ala Dagh is used by nomadic especially in the summer as summer meadow. Stockbreeding is spread out seasonally. The transhumance local people earn their livelihood by producing yoghurt and butter from milk they fleece from the animals and carry the camping stuff of the climbers with mules. They continue their life in the high regions of Ala Dagh under hard conditions. Ala Dagh is one of our unique regions which prevailed to remain virgin and renders the authentic mountaineering atmosphere for us. Therefore, it remains to be the Mecca of excitement and adventure loving climbers because of its magnetizing feature. And it welcomes us with its power and proudness with it’s’ almost skyscraping grandiosity.

Biography: She was born in Bursa. She graduated from Uludağ University Environmental Engineering. She graduated from the Department of Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production and Photography and Cameraman due to her interest in the art of photography since her childhood. She is one of the founding members of ‘Visor Group Bursa since 2009, which was established to develop and implement social responsibility projects. She took part in various exhibitions with her photographs. She stands for showing the light in life on photos.