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The Smell of Hometown

My work consists of photographs that I took in the Black Sea region, during a trip to Artvin-Macahel. Human's transition to settled agricultural society, has made it possible to control and giving a shape their environment. I wanted to show that humans don’t have a completely seperate area from nature. I try to demonstrate that both humans and the other creatures’ necessity of living in Principles of Ecological Integrity.

Biography: Born in İstanbul. She succesfully finished Textile Weaving and Couture Programme.  She is also graduate of Business Administration. She started to taking photographs with a camera which her father’s bought when she go to secondary school. She studied in Photography and Videography Programme to support her love of photograph. She is a member of İFSAK and SİLLE SANAT SARAYI. She took trainings at İFSAK and she also participated in group exhibitions. She held exhibitions; 8 March International Women’s Day ‘Empathy’ in 2014 and ‘Changing İstanbul’ in 2015 - about urban transformation in İstanbul.