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The Birds

Turkey has about 450 different species of birds that have been recorded in. Many of these species decrease over time and become endangered species. In this exhibition, the birds with such magnificent creations by sharing its diversity and beauty with all photo lovers, awareness has been increased.

Yaşar Yılmazdöl, taken photographs of 345 different bird species in a short time as 10 years with hundreds of photo safaries and added them into his archive.

Biography: Born in 1949, Ankara. His first step to photography world  was happened buying a Zenit brand camera at Germany in 1974. He continue his projects with Canon-40d in 2005. He became a member of BUFSAD in 2010. He's been in management for a time. He became a member of TRAKUS (Anonymous Birds of Turkey) photography site in 2011. He's a member of FotoNO1 photography site from 2011 and also he's a photography editor at this site. He hold his first solo exhibition "Birds" in 2018.