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Uludağ Lakes Region

There's 7 glacial lake with different sizes at the top of Olympos for Heredotus, Monk for Ottoman and Roman, Uludağ for Republic that the biggest mountain of Marmara. Some of these lakes that dry in summer are the best known Karagöl, Aynalı Lake, Kilimli Lake and Icy lake.


Veysel Kaya

Born in 1983, İnegöl. He is a graduate of Photography Department of Anadolu University.  In 2006, He started to photography through his prepared travels and research articles for the local press. His photographs were published in national newspapers and magazines. He taught photography in various associations and businesses. He is currently an instructor at BUFSAD Portrait Photography Workshop. He received several awards including AFAD gold camera, FİAP gold, bronze and TFSF gold medals. He is a professional photographer.

Fatih Bayçora

Born in 1986, Bursa. He graduated from Diesinking programme of Uludağ University. He's taking photographs from 2015. He take basic and advanced photography lessons at BUFSAD. He has awards and exhibitions in national photography competitions. He's working in automotive secture.