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Rituals as social and cultural activities where the sense of solidarity is elevated; modesty and creativity is emerged; social statues are disappeared, selfishness and gender discrimination are reversed or reduced most constitute the most important feature of living together. Rituals that form the major part of 'sustainable common life' of societies come to life in various areas like myths, religion, aesthetics, political and social platforms.

The theme of Bursa International Photography Festival 2018 is designated as “Rituals”.

Photographic works about worships belonging to different cultures and regions of the world, religious rites, traditional rituals performed in a set sequences such as ceremonies or celebrations will be presented in the Festival with the aim of a visual feast in Bursa.

Different regions... Different cultures... Different lives...

And people bring those together and photography...

We look forward to meeting you in September at BursaPhotoFest which is turned out a ritual already....