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The Fog & Lakes

I realized this project which I worked for 3 years in Bandırma. I prepared the project only from the the photographs that I took during the foggy periods in Uluabat and Manyas lakes and Bereketli village. I took photos of fishermen’s and habitant’s lifes’ slightly touches. Some pelicans have stopped migrating and they live in Bereketli village. They trust the residence and choose easy feeding. Stealing fish from the crates, creates incredibly interesting images. Fishermen also feed them.

Biography: Born in Denizli. She started photography while she was working as a rontgen technician. Became a member of Fotogen and Defsad. Participated several national and international exhibitions. Her photographs got awards at several competitions at home and abroad. She won Sami Güner Cup and Yunus Nadi Photography awards in 2016. She continues on long term documentary projects about culture and human life.