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The Flower Greenhouse


In earlier times, people who were intertwined with nature, as long as their population increased and they grew in cities with development, so moved away from nature. After then, among the concrete buildings, stressful intensive work life and tough city conditions such as traffic, noise and crowds increased people's longing for nature. The solution came from the flower greenhouses to the people who couldn’t leave their cities due to the intense work tempo every day. In order to feel the nature and add color to their lives, they made it enjoyable by decorating their interior and exterior spaces with colorful flowers grown in flower greenhouses. In this project, that I try to tell the story of people engaged in flower greenhousers. I saw that the mother in the greenhouse shows her compassion for the flowers like their children.

Carefully watered, tended. They know that, they make happy the people who live among the concrete jungle, and this gives them a pleasure.

Biography: Born in 1965, Çanakkale.  Garduate of Faculty of Language History and Geography of Ankara University. Member of BUSFAD. The first basic training was held in 2015 by BOSİAD and he took a photo course program that Osman ÖNDER was an instructor. At the end of this course, he participated in the first group exhibition with his 3 photos. Then, he attended BUFSAD's 98th term basic training course, long exposure workshop and development workshop.