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Urmiye Salt Lake


Mountain landscapes, lands that has so many different shades and colors or a sight full of white. Lands that makes you stare at or feel you that you're in a different planet. But that land seems so colorful is actually mud and loam, and sight that seems full of white is actually a salt lake. This is Urmiye Salt Lake that situated on the west of Iran and landscape that seems so impressive is actually an environmental disaster.

Big flats of a lake that out of big percent of water and nowadays looks like a dessert that muddy and turns into soil. Back in the days, the lake that almost 6100 square kilometers, has beachs, summer resorts and water transportations is now looks like a big dessert. Salts that comes from getting out of water, expands very big area with the effect of wind and that affect nature negatively.

Reasons of dry up the lake are climatic aridity, lack of rainfall and building dams to rivers that feeds the lake.Villages and cities near the lake are affecting negatively because of the salt. So that brings big danger for creatures and farm lands.


Biography: Born in 1974, Fethiye. He's finished his barchelor’s degree from Photograph Programme of Kocaeli University Fine Arts Faculty, and he completed his master in Photography Programme, Fine Arts Institute of Marmara University. He has photography works on contemporary documentary and conceptional photograph. He's also teaching photograph at different institutions and courses. He has a photograph-based thesis study for master programme named "Political Using Practices of Contemporary Photography in Turkey"