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Paper Collectors

In this project; we photographed the “gatherer'' who managed on their daily life from what we threw in the trash. Gatherers; the people who gather on certain streets every day on their routes, take and sell them... Although recycling-based practices are in our metropolitan areas, we believe that there is a need to improve social awareness on this issue. We wanted to reflect the living conditions, economic conditions and feelings of these people whose majority of children.

Biography: TOFOK has been serving as an amateur photography club under Tofaş Türk Otomobil Fabrikası A.Ş. since 2012. In the club, Tofaş employees who are interested in photography, are provided training, trips are organized to improve the practice of photography and demonstrations and interviews are held with photographers to increase their knowledge. Also, corporate civil society initiatives are supported and members' photographs and exhibitions are presented to employees. Among the works prepared with TOFOK contributions are Hierapolis and New Generation Tofaş books and exhibitions.