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Pottery is a jug, a vase, a cube, produced by shaping the clay soil turned into mud by hand or on the potter's wheel. This handicraft has passed from father to son until today.

Pottery making appeared around the Fertile Crescent around 9000 years ago and spread to the world within an incredibly short time of 2000 years. The findings of the first pottery in Anatolia were found in Kayseri, Alişar, Boğazköy and Troy approximately five thousand years ago.

The clay to be used in making pottery is separated from its stones and prepared to be shaped in hand or on the potter wheel. After the desired shape is given, the first baking is done to dry and harden the slime. It is glazed if necessary to prevent the material placed in the pot to pass out or to decorate and is baked for a second time to secure the glazing. The pot is decorated by hand or scraping by applying different colors of clay or by glazing the paint.

Biography: She was born in 1987 in Kayseri. Due to her father's profession, she completed her primary, secondary and high school education in various provinces. She graduated from Anesthesia, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations and Health Management. She started photography in 2005 with the BUSMEK course.