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The World of Doors


The doors are a border where private life begins where the street ends. It is the mirror of societies in line with the needs and lifestyles all over the world. Indicates the social and economic conditions of people living in that part of the world. Faces of doors opening to the outside world, are also a symbol of the life culture of those people. Doors are a bridge between the outside world and the inner world.  Distinguish between the visible and the invisible, the known and the unknown. Behind every door, there is a different life waiting for us.

The stories of the doors never end. They want to tell you, what to say you... Sometimes sadness, sometimes joy. Each one tells a different story. I listened to their stories, exploring from country to country, listening to the calls of the doors.

Some doors have taken on flowers and ivies.

Some are neither grand, nor modest.

Some gleaming bright,

Some with gold keys,

Some were hard to stand ...

And I want to share their quiet but mysterious stories to you.

Biography: Born in 1956, Balıkesir. Between 1985- 2013, he worked as a Orthopedics and Traumatology specialist at Bursa Memleket Hospital. He attended photography courses at BUFSAD. He is also a member of Bursa Medical Chamber Photography Club and participated in courses, interviews and presentations about photography. He held two solo exhibitions in October 2017 in Bursa BAOB and in January 2018 in Bursa Tayyare Kültür Merkezi. He still working in a private hospital in Bursa. He is married and has one child.