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About the nature of the country

Air, water and soil forms out the physical structure of the nature. What this physical structure makes beautiful and significant are the livings. The plants which form the producing group supply the nutrients and oxygen required for all livings, including us the human to stay alive. Nowadays, although the most efficient way to minimize the destructive impacts of the climate change we live is photosynthesis, the forest fires in our country and in the world became in the year of 2019 enormous. It is a substantial tragedy that the human being is unable to sufficiently fight against fire which destroys trillions of leafs, whilst even a single green leaf is not sacrifice able to minimize the change of climate.

In the photographs presented at the exhibition, pictures of physical and biologic beings are presented together with the photos of plants, which are at most in number.

Biography: He was born in the year of 1939. He finished his primary and secondary school education in Samsun. He graduated the Faculty of Science department for geology, botanic and zoology institutes of A.U. in 1964. He started to work at the Forestry Directorates’ National Parks office in 1966. He got involved in the projects for protecting the endangered livings and their areas. In 1978 he was transferred to the Environment under secretariat. Also here he performed nature protection activities. He got started to shoot pictures while he was still studying in secondary school. At the time of the 70’s he gave courses at the Çankaya public houses. He took part as one of the founders of photography arts institution. He opened exhibitions in İstanbul, New York and Ankara. His last books: “Folk-song of colors”, “Trees and Forests”, “Years passed with the nature”. He was internationally awarded because of his photography and nature protection activities.