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Between Forest and River

Most of the now disappearing Belarusian villages lie beautifully in areas close to forests and rivers and their over 200 year old names are derived from the words river, marsh or forest.

After younger generations move to cities and neighbours die it is few who stay behind in these picturesque locations with nothing but lush nature and some domestic animals as neighbours.

Spatially, between forest and river,  can lie anywhere, it is an abandoned territory, a home for one human being who lives and potters about, taking shelter in nature and silence; whose existential opposition to the modern way of living is both filled with freedom and fraught with doom.

”Between Forest and River” is a symbolic monument to a figurative village and its unique spatial aura, where an intimate connection between a human being and place once appeared and where life and hope are stubbornly continuing in hidden corners and cracks.

Dedicated to my grandparents.

Biography: She was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus, but spent her childhood summers with her grandparents in a little village. She currently lives in Sweden. She first studied languages and literature but soon found her artistic expression experimenting with analogue photography and printing techniques and later studied photography and modern art at Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia in Moscow. Svetlana mainly works with self-initiated documentary projects inspired by personal reflections about life. Her work has been supported by Swedish Arts Grants Committee and exhibited in Russia, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Belarus and Sweden.