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Mountain of Light

Rural depopulation and need for shelter paves the way for unplanned urbanization. As population increase by urbanization that unplanned and far from aesthetic concern, doesn't protect natural, historical and culturel structures and also destroys them.

Nowadays, we can't see natural structures in the city because they destroyed by unplanned urbanization. In the "Mountain of Light" project that city photographs and light chart of them are presented along with display image, you will see a concrete jungle in real photos and at the display images has a graphic that makes you think about nature. In this graphic, which appears in the digital image processing program, light chart looks like a mountain image that stylized in our collective subconscious and turning back to nature notion is emphasized by display image.

Biogpraphy: Born in 1992, Istanbul. In 2014, she studied graphic design at the Fine Arts Faculty of Kocaeli University and the same year. She started a master degree under the Graphic Design Branch at the Fine Arts Institue of Dokuz Eylul University. She has been a tutor and gave photography and graphic design courses at some of high schools, colleges and public education centers.  Her approach is mostly interdisciplinary and works are about photography, motion-pictures, experimental print techniques, paper designs, book as an object and photobooks