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Air, Water, Earth

When I take my photos, the battle of life and bread fightig of the living things in life became my main theme. Every living creature has experienced the blessings that nature, has given us in various ways in its own struggle for life. Some fought to feed, some fought to bring home bread. As long as nature exists, this fight will continue and I will continue to watch and document this fighting with my camera.

Biography: Born in 1961, Fethiye. He started and completed his education at Fethiye Atatürk School. His ancestors started his career. He took over the career from his father in Crete during the Ottoman period as '' Foto Minos'' and continued as ''Foto Kandiye'' (Heraklion). He had his first experience with his father before school. The most important of the approximately twenty exhibitions he participated; Social Life in Fethiye (1930-1940), Fethiye with Historical Photographs, Fethiye with Photographs from the Republic Period. He wrote the book Fethiye with Historical Photographs from 1874 to 1923”. 3rd prize at Ministry of Culture Turkey in Muğla (1989), Culture Archivist of the Year (1999), and received the Award for Contribution to Cultural History of Fethiye.