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The Road to Myself


This world, which you call "wild" when you look from your location, is it really like that? All these things, values and concepts that we think are invariable and important in our lives, did we really invent them? Could we have fully learned what we can learn from nature, which has existed for millions of years and has a perfect cycle?

I don’t think so…

What I learned from my experiences in nature is most of the abilities that we humans aim to bring to ourselves and generally we are not very successful at but wild-life’s people have these abilities innate and excellent.

This exhibition is an expression of my admiration for nature and animals.

As someone who has worked in more than 80 countries for over 30 years, I have acquired all my life knowledge through nature. Nature; firstly tested all I know, then removed my all unnecessary loads and presented me the simple and direct happiness.  It was profound and calm. I hope we'll meet you one day in the land where the instructive is only nature...


Biography: Born in 1963, İstanbul. He graduated high school. He worked several journals as a photpgrapher – writer at; Cumhuriyet Newspaper, Atlas and Marie Claire. He worked at National Geographic Traveller magazine as a visual director dor 2 years. Derbent who takes wildlife photos, especially focuses on big cats and mountain gorilla. He worked in over 80 country and he gave a speech about his success story at TEDXReset in 2017.  In 2011, he held an exhibition titled ‘7 Büyük Kedi’ (7 Big Cats) at Ekavart. He published his books named ‘Yüz-Yüze’ (Face to Face) from İş Bankası Kültür Yayınları and ‘Kenya’nın Yaban Yüzü‘ (The Wildside of Kenya) from Tav Havalimanları.