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Cemre has Rotted


Air, water and earth is the three basic elements that a part of universe. Just like our world. They're the necessities of every creature. Cemre*, firstly, falls to air and we polluted air that we breath. Then falls to the water, we polluted our water sources. And cemre falls to earth then we polluted our earth too. But cemre is forerunner of spring. It's three stars, three elements, three energy. It warms everywhere it falls. It wakes the life up.

Since the day that human started to think ‘humans are the ruler of whole universe’, nature is started to overbalance. We should seed new forests when its still not too late, we should review our energy policies and acts. Also, we should chance our perspective and start to look at world from a different "frame".

We can do all these things, and we must. Right now, almost immediately. We are a guests of this world, not the owner of it. We have no any other place to live. We should remember that everytime.

*Cemre: any of three radiations of heat falling in succession from the sun to the air.

Artists who is in this project;
Serkan Yıldırım, Can Gökboncuk, Seher Gözübüyük, Coşkun Çağlar, Belgin Çağlar Yeşil, Mahmut Ayhan Yenici, Erdal Eren, Hale Eren, İhsan Demirdağ

Biography: It has created by people who have Basic Photography education in Ekipişi Association in February, 2017. Studio Lotus has members from different professions who tries to create cognitive photography.