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Objects in the Nature

In our 4.5 billion-year-old world, many philosophers have always been in search of: "'The Essence' of Universe" since BC. Anaximenes accepted air as The Essence and said it turns into wind, cloud, water, earth and rock by concentrate.

When Mr. Kamil Fırat said the theme of 2019 BursaPhotoFest "Air, Water, Earth... Back to Nature", it reminds me about that sentence on top. And I wanted to photographed things that complete it's life or about to complete or has a reflect to not belong to nature with that idea: "We came from nature, we'll turn back to it". In the process, with Mr. Kamil Fırat's education and directions my project come this far. I would like to express my thanks to Mr. Kamil Fırat for his all support to me for this project "Objects in the Nature".

Biography: Her photography journey is started with a Rewe analog camera that her father's bought when she born. While continuing her career as an Expert Psychological Counselor, she realized social responsibility projects with various photography communities in 2010 as an amateur and she hold group exhibitions. She's graduated from Anadolu University Photography and Videography programme in 2014. She join BursaPhotoFest with different projects from 2013. Nowadays she continue her photography way as a member of "Hayatı Fotoğrafla".