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The Cycle of Rain

Human embodied with earth. Came to life with water. Hold on to life with breath. Air – water –earth; is the cycle of rain at the same time. It's what makes us alive. We sprinkled to the earth like a seed. Sometimes we became earth; fertile, fruitful. Sometimes we became water, put out the pains, fires. Sometimes we also became wind, stormed around. We finally forgot ourselves, as we forgot the rains… When rain stops; life stops, time stops. When the time is flowing like water, let us lie down to the rain drops for once. Just like the simplest, most self-contained inhabitants of the nature that I photographed. Let's be alone with our purest, most natural state. Let’s listen to the rain. Let's get wet. Let's disappear; drop by drop. Find ourselves, as long as we disappeared.

Biography: Born in 1974, Germany. Graduated from Textile Programme of Uludağ University. She is a member of BUFSAD since 2011. She continued her photography works at Osman Önder Photography Workshop for 3 years. She took a part of 3 exhibitions that won the Sami Güner trophy and 3 book project  to this Workshop within this period. She still working on pattern and fabric design.