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From the City Walls

No matter how much we ignore the nature that we need to live in, it reminds us of itself in some way.

No matter how much we hurt it, it come close to us and challenge us.

Sometimes it gets angry, reminds itself very loud and powerful with disasters, sometimes it touches as light, naive as the butterfly wing, and warns with love.

Apparently, no matter how much we learn, it will never stop reminding us of itself, its beauties and indispensability.

The fact that nature lives obstinately on the walls of the 2500-year-old city of Bursa proves this. It also lives so much that it looks at a huge city from the top, almost stumps to those who live in that city, it tells us again and again that we should get along well.

It does it with such precision and love that, only

people who notice it but look beautiful with the same love and those who have made being “GOOD'' the principle of their life, success. If one day your way to the city walls, pay attention to touching you, loving you out of spite, among the stones that offer you the love of beauty.

Notice it, nature...

Biography: Born in 1960. He completed his primary and secondary education in Bursa. He finished department of banking and insurance pf Ankara Gazi University. Married and has a daughter. Textile and Marketing Systems Consultancy. His curiosity for photography turned into a serious hobby began with his training in 2013. At first, he tried to tell what he had written before with various essays and articles and now he tries to explain through photography. He tries to learn something new every day and pursues effective, powerful and meaningful photography.