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Living in Longoz

Human being is a part of nature. He wants instinctively to return to nature. This exhibition depicts the Civelek family who has established a natural life in the Karacabey Longoz forest after having lived in difficult conditions for many years in the big city. This family, which establishes a unique bond with their animals and lives together under primitive conditions, is one of the best examples of the return to nature. The animals that live freely in the flooded forest during the summer season, who feed on the flooded or even give birth on their own and return to the family when winter comes. This family shows us that the human and animal relations can withstand not only exploitation but also love. This love is very clear in Aunt Eve's eyes and in the smile of Uncle Bekir.

Biography: He was born in 1992 in Bursa. He graduated from Hürriyet Industry Vocational High School in 2012. His interest in photography led him to study basic photography at BUFSAD. After the basic training he completed in 2018, he continues his photography works in the Development Workshop.  He is a member of BUFSAD.