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Lonely Trees

Known its reason but okay; if they find any space they'll rush in our world again... They say 'HELLO'; we came again. Speaking of 'Space', we made so full the universe, right; just like 'no space' anymore... Whatever; their bodies according anyway just like they're dancing, to all obstacles...

In another case; concrete jungle be the MASCULINE, and it became female; they're corresponded but it says "THEY LOSE", humankind THEIR WAY...

Gives a secret... 'I connect to my fellows; with silence under the ground'... I'll remedy my deficiencies; if you don't dig my bottom, don't pollute my ground... If you leave me a space; AH!.. How hard it's working 'to be exist' in our world. And you're asking 'Cities prepared to NATURAL DISASTER?'.

'My veins are WATER, nutritional source is GROUND... It says 'I'M YOUR AIR', with reminding us that 'we're eating from same source'... I'm coming from every space that I see light for being a 'LIFE' to you.

I just want you not to cover me, don't choke me; let me be WIND to you. I can get in shape for your concrete jungles. I just want that; let me open my arms, let me grow FREE... Let's meet and be 'ONE' with you...

Biography: She's born in 1965, Borçka, ARTVIN and complete her primary educations at the same district. She graduated from Yıldız University Architecture Faculty. She  joined to photography world with basic education that she took in Bursa Photography Art Association in 1992. She refreshed her photography education with the course that she took at Bakut Sport Club Association in 2015. She’s  a 6th period trainee at Visual Cultur Association.