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I assign a different meaning to leaf. It was the first time I see that my mother put a leaf between pages. My father was an officer so places that we go have a brilliant nature. As a person that live in the nature as well, I see the cycle of leaves that they grow, they turns yellow, they pale, they fallen in the nature and then appear back. They all have different shape, color, texture and tracheas and it is always impress me. It always makes me happy that put something about to fade into my favorite poetry books and I still do that. I feel nature with little things in the big cities. I take a leaf from the ground when I'm coming from my job and I put it between a book until I see it again... Leaves that you see in the photographs are the ones that I collect in time, I hide in books or I found in my garden and they all have a different memory on me.

Biography: Born in 1966, Trabzon. In 1999, she graduated from Photograph Programme of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. In 2004, she graduated from master programme at Kocaeli University Fine Arts Faculty Social Sciences Institute Plastic Arts programme. In 2014, she finished her doctorate education in the same programme. She held two solo exhibitions in abroad and two at country. She attended different group exhibitions. Nowadays, she's a prelector at Kocaeli University Fine Arts Faculty Photograph programm