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Air, water and earth.  I don’t know which one has precedence but I think, it is not necessary. I’m a water vapor in the air and rising.  The weather is getting cold and I’m becoming water, to rain. Then gravitation. My journey is starting to Earth. I will fall into oceans, seas, lakes or earth. Gives me relief to know, that I won’t stay where I fall into.  Maybe I’ll vivify to a plant, or a sparrow sips me. Who knows, I can be with creatures in the ocean. After that? Anywise after I’ll be a water vapor again. I’ll live obstinately in this loop, until human beings completely destroyed the nature. Just think, the smell of earth after I fall into as a rain. Think, your feeling when you walking around in the rain. Especially, if you can whistle! If you realized, I’m not the only one turning back to the nature with the rain. I’m helping you to reach nature where you’ll be really happy and calm.

Biography: Born in 1964, Sivas. In 1987, she graduated from Mathematics department of Hacettepe University, and also she finished her Master Programme at Cumhuriyet University. She was worked in MEB as a Mathematics Teacher and she retired from this job. In 2010, she started Photography at AFSAD.  In 2012, she was member of AFSAD and she participated a lot of works also she is involved in painting.  She attended many group exhibitions in national and international.  She still continues to taking photograph and paintings.