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110 Million Years Story

The Life Cycle of Sea Turtles

Living means continuity. The whole universe lives with its stone, its soil and its air. Air, earth and water maintain all biological life from the smallest living organism to the largest living being. Sea turtles are the one of powerful strain that maintains their existence for 110 million years.

Sea turtles live in the sea; they nest on the beach to breed. With a breath they remain under water for 5 hours. Sea turtles can drown because they think plastic bags that floating in the sea are jellyfishes. As a result of the nets that are thrown into the sea, sea turtles become drowned and become unable to feed their-selves and swim. Garbage on the beach can prevent from reaching the sea of the hatched sea turtles. In addition to these, changing climatic conditions and global warming seriously affect the sea turtle population. The sex of sea turtles depends on temperature. Therefore, the increase in global temperatures completely changes the male-female ratio that will emerge from the nest and may cause inconsistencies in the population.

Maybe we should look at nature from this point of view, for the continuation of this species that has been presence in the air, water and sandy soil cycle for many years.


Selami Türk

Born in 1965, Kahramanmaraş. In 1987, he was among founders of Mersin Photography Association. He took various tasks at Mersin Photography Association, and he served as chairman of the board for 2 years. Representing MFD for many years at establishment phase of Turkey's Federation of Photographic Art. He held 9 solo exhibition (2 of exhibited in abroad). He performed shows over than 50. He took a part on many group exhibition. He has been carrying out the photography works of Mersin International Music Festival for 18 year

Hülya Küblü

Born in Mersin. In 1999, she graduated from Painting Department of Fine Art Faculty of Mersin University.  She works as a visual arts teacher. In 2013, she started her photo-works with the training of Mersin Photography Association. Between 2014 – 2015, She participated a project titled ‘Mevsimlik Tarım İşçileri’ (Seasonal Agricultural Workers) lead by TFSF. She attended ‘4341 Boyalı Sokak’ (4341 Painted Street) in 2016 and ‘Cere’ project in 2018. She took places in a lot of group exhibitions and shows.