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The White Gold

Endless life cycle extending from seed. A photographic project that so important for Söke, is about throwing cotton into the field as seeds and about transforming cotton to yarn and fabric in the factory. The work is created to tell the process of converting cotton seed to cocoon, converting cocoon to flower and cotton itself and also to show this process' human labor.

Biography: Born in 1973, Manyas. He graduated from Textile-Weaving Design Programme of Fine Arts Faculty of Dokuz Eylul University.  He worked as a fabric designer for 25 years. Seçkin who has been interested in photography for many years, held 4 solo photography exhibitions. In 2012, he attended a workshop ‘Özcan Yurdalan Belgesel Fotoğraf Atölyesi’. He took a part ‘Türkiye Sanal Fotoğraf Müzesi Sanatçıları’ – Artists of Turkey Virtual Photography Museum - since 2013 April. He assume a title of GPU Crown 2 and AFIAP. He was vice president at KUFSAD for one term.