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In the habitat we live in, there is another life that consists of many insects, butterflies and plants that we share this world but it doesn’t even catch our attention. We human beings have a "vital" effect on this common life. Now this life is rapidly disappearing with our hands in parallel with technology and urbanization. We open a new residential area to ourselves, dry the water source, pour waste and pollute it by leaving waste, poisoning it with pesticides. If we can't longer see these little lives around us, it means is our turn. But now "get well"...

A photo you took is perhaps the last photo of that creature and it is now a document and tomorrow we can only show our grandchildren their dried lifeless models or photographs in museums.

Remember La Fontaine's tales for children. These photos are just like those fables. However, the "rabbit sister" or "cunning fox" was replaced by a frog that facing angry, an injured chameleon, a snail missed a dew drop, and butterflies in all its colors. There are "fairy tales for adults" in these macro stories. There is nature in these tales; have micro life (microcosmos); have life together; There is ecological balance. There is even "environmental pollution".

Perhaps these tales may seem quite naive to you; but in all seriousness there is life itself. Not a lot of real life in which we will face all the pain in a few years…

Biography: 1966 senesinde Nevşehir’de doğdu. ODTÜ Maden Mühendisliği Bölümü’nde lisans, yüksek lisans ve doktora eğitimimi tamamladı. ODTÜ, İnönü Üniversitesi ve Mersin Üniversitesi Çevre Mühendisliği Bölümünde öğretim elemanı olarak meslek hayatına devam ettikten sonra profesör olarak emekli oldu. Son yıllarda fotoğrafla ilgilenmeye başladı. Pek çok ulusal ve uluslararası sergilere katıldı. Ulusal ve uluslararası yarışmalarda fotoğrafları ödül ve sergilemelere layık bulundu. 2018 yılında Uluslararası Fotoğraf Sanatı Federasyonu (FIAP) tarafından verilen EFIAP unvanıyla ödüllendirildi.