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The Human Traces

Creatures left traces to nature. While old traces transformed and new ones added. Some living things follow the traces. It is up to you what kind of fantastic thinking will come from under of it, how the traces are formed, what they testify or get in touch. It will stay a riddle belongs to interpretative and interpreted time. Maybe one day, it will only our traces that remained.

Biography: Born in 1994 and grow up in Urfa. In 2016, he started Photography Programme of Fine Arts Faculty of Dokuz Eylul University. Same year, he attended workshops in İzmir and Diyarbakır within the scope of BAK project.  In 2018, his experimental photographs named ‘Faullt Tint’ took a part of the exhibition at Kazım Türker Gallery. He is still a 3rd grade student at Photography Department of Dokuz Eylül University.