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Natural and Artificial Lakes of Bursa


Bursa is a city full of unique beauties called hidden paradise. There are total of 55 lakes in our city as natural, artificial and ponds. The unique beauties of these lakes are aimed to be photographed together with its habitat. Therefore, the photos were taken from above with a drone.

Considering the damages caused by humans to natural water resources and the fires caused by them, this exhibition and the theme's importance is so big. Because we pollute the nature very seriously and rapidly destroy it with the living thing's lives inside. Therefore, the exhibition is expected to help raise awareness and help the issue of protecting fresh water resources, which will be one of the biggest problems in the world in the future. At the same time, it was wanted to show that respect must be the natural life around the lakes.

Biography: Born in 1967, Bursa. After graduating from Bursa Erkek High School, he graduated from Uludag University in 1989 as a Mechanical Engineer. Then, he graduated from Istanbul University, Institute of Business Economics. He is still working at automotive sector in Bursa. In 1992, he started taking photographs with a camera that he bought. He is currently teaching basic photography under BUFSAD and is on the board of directors. His works are mainly focused on social documentary and nature photography.