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The Whispers of Reeds


Due to the difficulty of access to reeds and the high vegetation in these areas, we have observed more closely how the wastes prevent the beauty of nature, how human beings do not appreciate the beauty and sometimes how they destroy nature. With this project, we wanted to present the efforts of nature to cover the traces of mankind in the whisper of reeds.

Team members:

Elçin Seçer, Mehmet Göktürk, Hakan Kurtoğlu, Sıdıka Ünal, Canan Işık, Vildan Ateş, Erhan Okur, M. Zeynep Mazlum, Gürkan Baydar, Ayşe Arıkan, Fatma Gerim, Hatice Nur Temel Kavas.

Biography: Those who participated in the 'Photography and Visual Editing' course opened in October 2018 within BUSMEK. They learned the basics of photography with two different groups under the guidance of Hatice Nur Kavas Temel. They took photographs for 7 months in places with different themes (Dağyenice, Misi, Eskikaraağaç, Gölyazı, Cumalıkızık that natural, historical and cultural sites of Bursa-).