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Photography Community of Bursa Finance Association

Symmetry in Nature


Symmetry is defined as the position, shape and conformity of dimensions between two or more things, the structure and shape similarity of the two regions of an axis. Based on this definition, as BUMDER Photography Group, we searched for symmetry in nature.

Team members;

Ali Rıza Özer, Ayşegül Atila, Bahar Kahraman, Erol Bayrak, Handan Özer, Hülya Kurak, Hülya Taş, Leyla Karagöz, Merve Karagöz, Rabia Nişancı, Rafet Güccan, Yener Gündüz

Biography: Bursa Finance Association was established in order to meet the needs of Bursa finance employees' in their professional, economic, social, cultural and sporting areas, to contribute to their personal development and to provide them with professional and social skills to ensure their active participation in life. In 2018, the society for painting and photography was established. In 2018, they opened their first exhibition ‘Matrahtan Kadraja‘.  In 2019, their second exhibition titled ‘Bizim Gözümüzden‘ (From Our Eyes) was curated by trainer Ali Rıza.