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If we drop water on the rock, nothing in sight. But if we do this long enough time, , the rock wears and begins to fray. Thus rivers seems like weak, have formed valleys. This means that each drop of water has a slight impact on the rock.

What happens if you throw a rock in the lake? The rock hits the water, come across a slight reaction but starts to sink immediately. Waves occur due to the fall of the rock into the water, waves come and go for a while. Then the water returns to its previous calm shape. Water does not resist rock; it acquiescence to its existence, to this situation.

Perhaps this is the common idea of many archaic tenets; acquiescence…

To be able to understand, to continue, to acquiescence to live life full to the fullest. Like a boat moving in harmony with the wind...

But we really know when we consentient;

That we are the consentient and the enemy...

Then neither the enemy remains nor the “I”…

Biography: Born in 1991, Bursa. She completed his undergraduate education at Balıkesir University Environmental Engineering Department and her master's degree at Uludağ University Environmental Engineering Department. During his graduate studies, he started taking photographs. Then he attended the photography courses organized by BUSMEK. He still continues his career as a construction site supervisor in the private sector in Bursa.