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Silent Friend

2013 yılındWhen we first met, it was standing alone in the middle of vast fields in 2013. It greeted with enthusiasm when I come up to it, like saying ‘Welcome’. It seems like hasn’t spoken with anyone for many years. After that day; I overcome to muddy terrains, icy weather to visit it every time. Every time I go, I was thinking it; is it still there? Is it grow up? Is it good or did someone hurt it? Sometimes, I bring it water as much as I can, to stiffen our friendship a little more. During winter, my visits are decrease a little because the road is long, cold and tiring. We often come together in springs that we both love season. It welcomed me with its verdant green leaves and with fragrant. Every time I go, I hope it's there.

Biography: Born in 1991, Aksaray. Completed his barchelor education on Photography at the Fine Arts Faculty of Dokuz Eylul University. In 2013, he held the photography exhibition titled KOP ‘Transportation from the Past to the Present’ as part of Tourism Weeks of Aksaray Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism . In 2017 and 2018 he took a part at BursaPhotoFest.