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Wyrd is a project that consists of three movements, being the first one air, the second one water, and the third one sun. In these, throughout a narrative structure that uses metaphor as the main creative strategy, I pursue to explore the “weird-disquieting” universe where childhood is immersed. Interpreting “weird-disquieting” as something familiar that emerges under a threatening appearence.

In this context I worked with three girls that face nature, submerging into it and its respective elements that are harsh and terrible. Girls that appear and disappear, interpellating a baffling duality, an encounter between fragility and strength.

Books like those of Charles Perrault and the ones of Brothers Grimm are taken as references. In these childhood stories the sinister, the disquieting and threat, play a main role. The danger, the disturbing portrayed like a constant and latent threat, the “present/absent” or, like Schelling quote: “everything that should stay in secret, but emerges”.

Biography: (Montevideo, 1980) has a degree in Biology by UDELAR. She has completed various studies of photography with photographers such as Pablo Guidali, Diego Vidart and Eduardo Gil, among others.

In 2017 she presents her proyect "Wyrd" in the Roberto Villagraz Fellowship of EFTI (Spain) where it was finalist. The same year, "Wyrd" is selected by El Ministerio Ediciones to make their next photobook and win a Fondo Concursable para la Cultura, 2017. The book was presented in January 2019.