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Girl Who Used To Be


In this series I take pictures of femininity trying not to be an objective researcher, but to pass all these images through myself, compare them with my personal experience. 

The pictures were taken in a small Crimean province, town of Primorskiy where I was born. As many people of my age I spent my childhood and adolescence surrounded by women. When I left my hometown and acquired some independence I started comparing myself with all these local women and thinking which one of them I would have been like if I have stayed there. 

I think about women who grew up among the freedom of beautiful nature contrasting that much with conservative and well-established people's ideas about the world and themselves. I shoot women of different ages, those who live in my memories and my past, those who echo inside of me. I think about whether they manage to save themselves and not to integrate into the monotonous song of an average post-Soviet village. 

I think about how much this closed provincial world shapes dreams and desires of girls and women who live there, about how ambivalently they combine femininity and ambitions. I think about myself as a little girl who just begins to learn to be a woman and doesn't know what kind of future is waiting for her in such a big country but such a small village. I shoot these women and I see reflections of myself, my mother and my grandmother. 

I feel like an integral part of this world where the infinite sea-line touches dozens of people's horizons of hopes, fears, nostalgia and expectations.

Biography: Was born 1991 in Crimea.
The Rodchenko Art School: Documentary Photography, 2014-2017, Moscow
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute: Metallurgy, 2009-2014, Kyiv
2019- « Palm* Photo Prize», London,/shortlisted
2017 "Young people in the XXI century – 2017", Kaunas, Lithuania, / 2nd place
Member of group exhibitions:
2019- Vantage Point Sharjah 7, Sharjah Art Foundation Gallery, United Arab Emirates
2019- "Palm* Photo Prize", The printspace gallery, London 
2019- "Regarder le corps des femmes",Immixgalerie, Paris