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Object- Glass Photography and Training Group

Budaklı Hot Springs


Budaklı Hot Springs, whose main source is Nemrut Crater Lake, is 7 kilometers away from Güroymak District of Bitlis. In the twelve months of the year, the hot springs which offer healing to its visitors, can be entered even when the weather is at minus 10 degrees. The water of the hot spring reaches 40-50 degrees. When it snows, it takes on a different beauty. When the inhabitants of Budaklı village, wash and clean their buffalos and horses with water at 40 degrees; the photo enthusiasts flock to the village to see this scene in the region where the temperature drops to minus 20 degrees.

Team Members;
Yusuf Yıldız, Öznur Kaplan, Funda Sarper, Uğur Akbaba, Işılay Oran

Biography: It was established in 2013, in BUFSAD. Object- Glass Photography and Education Group organized photography trips to many places and regions of the country. With the photographs that taken during these trips, they opened exhibitions and organized shows in many associations and schools.