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Fossilised Trees – Redwood

Long time ago there was a subtropical forest in the island we now call Lesvos. This forest was very green and beautiful, it had many creatures living in it. The World back then was really different from the World we now have. Back then, Turkey and Greece was not seperated and Lesvos wasn’t an island. There were many active volcanoes in that area. On its last eruption, the volcano called Vatoussa errupted so violently that it destroyed itself and severely wounded the forest around it. The forest was so wounded that it couldn’t heal itself. The soil was acidified and trees had lost their branches and leaves. After the eruption the ash that had come from the volcano covered the entire forest. The trees now covered with thick layer of ash had no contact with oxygen so they did not decay. In time the groundwaters which are rich in dissolved minerals reached the trees. By time the inorganic material changed places with the organic material, molecule by molecule. Which resulted in the forest to petrify. This may sound like a fairy tale or an uninportant information but it is not. Our cars, factories and many other stuff that we use are poisoning our planet. We are petrifying our World with our own hands. Because we do not change the way we live we are going through a route without a turn. And do people actually recognize this? Of course they do. But instead of recognizing it the choose to turn a blind eye to what is happening and continue on their lives. They do not think about the distant future, only the near future which they can benefit from. In other words they are actually getting petrified. If you ever visit the Petrified Forest museum in Lesvos island one day, I want you to look at those trees not as our past but our future. We may get petrified like that one day. Maybe other intellectual life forms after us will make a Petrified Human museum who knows?



Ömer Ziya Topsakal

Born in 1954, Akçaabat (Trabzon). He completed first and secondary school in Trabzon. He completed Bursa Male High School after the whole family hao migrated to Bursa in 1969. Afterwards he graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at METU. He has worked in automotive industry for 27 years and retired. He started photography in 2011 and got first courses from BUFSAD. He also graduated from Photography Department of Anadolu University. He has been a member of executive board at BUFSAD for a period. He is also a member of Sille Sanat Sarayı and ANAFOD.

M. Ümit Cansu

Born 1959, Samsun. He completed Faculty of Science, Department of Biology of Ankara University. First he worked in the human medicine sector. Then he established his own business. In 2010, he became a member of BUFSAD and participated in various workshops. In 2014, he graduated from Photography and Videography department. He still for taking nature photos, long exposure and infrared photos He continues to traveling around the world and Turkey.