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Scream and Downfall

On the basis of human-nature relationship; it should be understanding nature and accepting that we are a part of nature, not dominating nature. The photographs, in which the relationship between cause and effect are emphasized by nesting, classified under two titles.

Scream, Trees: are harmed by various natural phenomena, by the conscious and unconscious behavior of animals and humans. The wounded tree trunk is turned into a nest by many living things such as fungi, insects and bacteria. In time, the flow of nutrients between the roots and branches of the tree weakens. Physical changes occur in the tree trunk. In the photographs, the physical changes in the trunk of the trees are likened to the reflection of their unique personality and mood. The tree faces says us with a humanoid look; “I'm dying standing.”

Downfall, the tree that unable to announce the scream, breaks its bond with the earth. But the dead body (tree trunk) continues to nest to many living things. The nutrients on the tree are mixed with soil and become fertilizer.

In time, it becames earth, water and air. A seed falls, becomes a tree.

Biography: Born in 1974, Trabzon. She graduated from Photography Department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She finished her master at Photography Department of Marmara University.  She started her career by doing interviews in magazines, magazine cover and fashion shootings. She works in the field of advertising photography and produces portrait and documentary photography projects. She continues to provide training at Fine Arts Faculty of Marmara University. She has solo extibitions named ‘Haliç Tersanesi Sakinleri’ and ‘Son Tophaneli’.