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The Power of Water


Canyons are the valley forms that are formed by the collapse of the earth or tectonic movements on their geographical structure with the erosion effects of water and air currents, sometimes as the main factors alone and sometimes in very long periods. All structures canyons are in a natural channel structure, they show the most suitable ‘flow area’ for both water and air in their regions. Canyons are vital for the formation and diversification of vegetation along with regional air conditioning and humidification.

I have been entering canyons and I have been doing canyoning for 25 years. Unfortunately, canyons where we drink quaff are polluted; their waters decreased and even disappeared in the last 10 years. The waters of many canyons are no longer drunk and we leave each canyon with different diseases. The canyons are one of the most spectacular natural landscapes seeing on earth. The fact that the canyons are out of sight leads to no one is aware of the rapid pollution. I offer you a selection of beautiful and magnificent canyons of our canyon paradise country.


Biography: Born in 1962, Tunceli. She graduated from Faculty of Law of Ankara University. He completed his master's degree in Public Law at Gazi University. Apart from painting and miniature, she has been interested in photography for 10 years. In addition to our country, she participated in group exhibitions in Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran. She is a member of Kanyon Research Association. She is interested in canyoning and rowing.