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Take A Seat

Solitary and lonely, these sofas and armchairs are disconnected from their “natural” habitats, yet they are placed with purpose. Although discarded, they still fulfill their destiny, providing new comfort in a natural environment.

Biography: Born in Los Angeles, California. Nancy Habbas is a Palestinian American who finds beauty in things that she never noticed before she picked up a camera 12 years ago.  She has lived in the US, Jerusalem, Kuwait, France, and for the past 7 years in Turkey. The changing landscapes have influenced and inspired her to see the world though a different lens. Take A Seat is her first long-term project. Stock Photographer for Getty Live and EyeEm. Participated and participating in photography workshops and served as a Board Member for a number of Non-Profit Organizations such as Child Abuse Prevention Council, Fantasy Theatre for Children, Early Academic Outreach Program, and Tisdale for Children, and Brave Hearts.  Served on the Board of Trustees for the University of UC Davis Designed and implemented educational programs and tutoring for orphanages in Kuwait and Jerusalem.  Certified paralegal.