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The Nomads

Van; located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Van is an ancient settlement with traditional villages, mountains, lakes and islands. Van hosting different cultures and communities, also becomes prominent with cool highlands. These highlands host nomads every year. Nomads often stop over in Van’s cool highlands. They come to Van with their animals after a long tiring journey from hot south east citys and spend four months of the year in these highlands, because hot means illness risk for their animals. The highlands where they set their tents become a new stage for them where they struggle with difficult nature conditions. The human who touched water and soil in these highlands, live their life with this experience. They know coping with difficult weather conditions, they meet their needs pretty much. They continue their presence silently in these places that technology is helper, not superior and the absolute dominance of nature over culture.

Biography: Born in 1978, Rize. In 2002, he graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Communication. In 2018 he completed PhD in Basic Communication Sciences. His photo-works published magazines like; İz, Tutti Fotografi, İgnant, Les Others, La Fotografia, My Modern Met ve LensCulture. In 2018, he won the grand prize at Barcelona International Photography Awards. He held his last solo exhibition titled "Güneşin Gölgesinde" (Under the Shadow of the Sun) in Russia. He attended photography festivals that Head On, La Quatrieme Image, Songzhuang and San Jose with his works. Buçan, works as a faculty member at Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Faculty of Fine Arts.