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Çamlıhemşin is at intersection point of 41.8 north latitude and 41.01 east longitudes before the shore at Rize. It's accessible from highway 22 kilometers long from sea to south. South of the town surrounded by Kaçkar Mountains that archly in east-west direction, parallel to the sea and they're between 2000-4000 meters. In all this chain of mountains, Kaçkar Mountain is there and it is 3932 meters. Nowadays, Fırtına Valley and all these uplands become a popular place for domestic and foreign tourists. The most popular of these uplands are Amlakit, Elevit, Gito and Pokut. Between 2010 and 2018, I took photographs of these tablelands and their environments.

Biography: Born in 1970, Çamlıhemşin. In 1990 he graduated from Geography Teaching Programme of Atatürk University. He has a life with art and sport. Theatre, photography and literature are his main focus of art. His first time that meet photography, was in his university years -1986-. He started to seriously interest in photography since 2010. He won so many awards, took place in competitions and his works exhibited in national and international competitions. His photographs are took a part in many different group exhibitions. In 2018 he get first prize at FORD Trucks 7th Traditional Photography Competition and Güzel Ordu Çocuk Hakları Photography Competition.