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The Pearl of Van Lake

Flying Fish Pearl Mullet is the only species that can live in the salty-soda waters of the Van Sea. Although it has name 'mullet', it is a member of the cyprinids. They are only in this closed basin in the world. They have 20 cm in height and weighs 80-90 grams. Torpedo-like body is covered with shiny silver scales. While it can go down to 75 m depth in winter, it prefers to be fed in depths of 10-15 m in summer. Flying Fish Pearl Mullet, which has a unique life cycle, migrates in large shoals every year. Because Van Sea doesn't allow to breed in salty-soda water. When the temperatures reach 13 degrees, the fish enters the creeks and returns to the lake after leaving its eggs. This unique life cycle begins in April each year and continues until July. Pearl Mullet fights against the stream on this journey. Flies over the waterfalls.

To be able to hunting of the shoals that accumulated in the shallow waters of the rivers attracts poachers. Within the scope of the fight against poaching, the 75-day hunting ban is strictly controlled in the migration journey of fishes for breeding. With the measures taken, it was ensured that conscious fishing was carried out around the coast.

Biography: Born in 1971. He works as the head of photo-film center at the Department of Public Relations of Van Yüzüncüyıl University. Between 1994-1999, he worked as a photojournalist at Doğan News Agency. He received many awards at national and international competitions. Married and has two children.