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Nature, Human and Sports in Hakkari

The nature was always there. It was there even human being was or was not present. Human was born dependent to the nature. Human got fed, grew up, multiplied and built up cultures. Afterwards the human began to fight against the nature. Each technique the human developed got isolated the human from the nature bit by bit; the human began to live by destroying the nature; by ignoring its voice, sound, speech, and the things it wanted to tell. But the nature was quite patient. It continued to tender, to tender eternally. It didn’t deny whether its air, water, soil either to the human; it hugged the human thousands of years long although it could easily blow out the human out of the water just with a storm.

Hakkari is may be one of the cities in Turkey where human and nature relations play a role in the center of life. It has high mountains which are the masters and protectors of the city and sometimes challenging winter seasons to be survived. But as soon as the human started to see the damage the human caused to the nature and to discover it again, the potentials in Hakkari got visible bit by bit. From now on, this city is the address for those who want to meet the nature again with its wonderful snow panorama, mountains, glacier lakes, rivers, century’s old glaciers and routes attractive for nature friends. Each picture you’ll see in this study reflects those ones who discovered the as incredible as the Alpines nature with sports.

Biography: He was born in the year of 1983 in Hakkari. He graduated the Yüzüncü Yıl University with Bachelors’ degree. He is still enrolled in the department for Media and Cultural Studies at the Arel University in master’s degree program. He is assigned as an academician at the Hakkari University. He took part in several combined exhibitions. He performs documentary and short film activities. His books named “Hakkari Tourism” and “Any place is wonderful if you have seen it” was published. He was granted with the new talent award of Documentarist 10. İstanbul Documentary Days. He was awarded in many photograph competitions.