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at Oghlan

Turkmens are one of the tribes living in Iran, often dispersed in Golestan and Khorasen provinces. They were engaged in animal husbandry from ancient times. The Turkmen tribes are divided into three main owls, called Gueklan-Yamut and Shakta. The horse is an animal that is very valuable to Turkmens. And a Turkman is from the very beginning of life with one of the first things that a man takes horses. Turkmen's life is tied up with horses and loves them. And they are very careful about keeping them.

As it happens sometimes, the Turkmen riders are not aware of their mother's age, their children, and even themselves, but they are fully aware of the age of the horses and knows that she knows seven of her back and knows which region she lives in. Slow and belonging to the group and personal.

The Turkmen hums and hawks have a penetration horse since their childhood in the spirit and the lives of their children. Parents get acquainted with their offspring from a very young age with horse and riding it, and they love and reverberate. In such a space, Turkmen children are increasingly interested in horse and riding.

As some of them are rushing aggressively from the age of 8 to 12, they are referred to as "at Oghlan" ("at = Horse, Oghlan = Son").

Teenage chefs play an important role in family economics. In addition to receiving salaries from coaches or owners of horses, they also receive prizes from the tournament.

Each year, more than twelve and five weeks of matches are held in the form of spring, summer and autumn classes in the cities of Aqla and Bandar Turkmen and Gonb, where many people come to see the horses for betting on their horses. .

Half of Turkmen's economy is being funded with sales and competitions and horse related items.

Biography: I am Mohsen Kaboli. I’m an independent Iranian photographer in Gorgan. My projects social based projects have been exhibited in several festivals in Iran and around the world. Graduated from psychology in 2003, I started professional photography in 2008 and worked with local media sporadically. My artwork has been presented in some group exhibitions in Paris, Turkey, Canada and Tehran. And my solo exhibition entitled The Last Scene, Theatre photography, Goman Art Gallery. Awards and honors First place in Tirgan Project (Toronto, Canada, 2017), Gold medal at Perspective Festival (India, 2016), Finalist in Hippa Festival (UAE, 2017), Nominated for the Iranian Press Festival for two rounds (Turkey), And winning many awards in Iran.