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The Shell

Although modern lives force us to live in the revolution of our own system, we strive to satisfy our desire for it. Perhaps that is why our desire to live with pets dense whilst we fall out of step from nature. Our relation with them is like hiding deeply in our longing for our own essence. Maybe that's why we're destroying their area and opening up areas within our own sphere.

Biography: She began photography with his father's camera at an early age and virtually. After completing her undergraduate studies in geography, she worked as a teacher for many years. Although photography has always existed partly while teaching, it was not enough after a while and she decided to continue her career as a professional photographer. She participated in many personal and group photography exhibitions. She won national and international awards. She is currently a member of the BursaFotoFest Executive Committee and the representative of the Bursa City Council Photography Working Group and is a photo editor at arsizsanat.com. In addition, she conducts photography workshops, organizes workshops and makes short films. She aims to ensure the integrity of photography with other branches of art and enrich it.