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The Creativity of Nature

All living creatures start with seed to this life. They come into being on earth in a unique order. They need to time, water, oxygen, sun to grow. As they growing up, they turn into what truth of their inside is. Each one begins to live unique and enormous. Neither they have same lenght, nor they have same shape and colors… They live in nature in their own form without harming each other. This living creatures that created by God, hides aesthetic beauty in their details where we can not see. When we go into particulars, we can realize that they are all created in unique colors, in different forms, but enormously.

Biography: Born in 1979, Luleburgaz/Kırklareli. She studied Business besides Photography at Anadolu University. She works as a graphic designer at an advertising agency. She is a member of IFSAK where she worked as a voluntary assistant trainer foor two years. ‘Çizgiler’,’%100 Kadın Projesi’ (%100 Woman Project) and ‘Az-Zor Işık ‘are the group exhibitions she participated.